Re: "Tall Dark and Handsome" with "My Fair Lady"

Well, there is no harm or foul done on either of our parts as far as the discussion. The foul is commited by the fact that you are not very knowledgable about Egyptian art which is fine and hence the reason I corrected you. I don't know what "talk to the hand" means, but I can see it's emotional denotation, and of course from which I never meant to induce.

This is a forum for discussion and sharing and if I induced tension due to correcting someone's lack of information, I THEN, would be at FAULT for apologizing.

But to address what you said:

---Sir, as stated above, the "assumption" that many or most of the great Egyptian dynasties were composed of people who looked no different than that of the surrounding peoples, like the Canaanites, Israelites, Arabs, Libyans, etc., is a common one.---

^^^May I have a source for this...look, considering this is said to be so common? Also, which dynasties are the "great Egyptian dynasties" may I have a time or number for these great ones because of course you fail to be concise, clear, or articulate about your "assumptions"

---All I did was suggest that the colours you mentioned as being common to Egyptian art could suggest a "white" or Arabic / Semite look, and the passages of time upon like pigmented personages! Thus the "yellow" or juandiced look of older light skinned personages as opposed to darker skinned personages like the Negroid races!---

^^^^And as I said before, how do blue, green, red, gold, platinum colored depictions fit into your rationale("assumptions")?