Re: "Tall Dark and Handsome" with "My Fair Lady"

Indeed Sir Brent, if I introduced race into the picture, then I have joined a great deal of educated men and women who have studied Egyptology for all of their lives. When I wrote the following, which you used, I think, unfairly;

"Now, I have a question about YOUR statement here:

----Yellow skin, when a man or women becomes aged and ill, especially jaundiced, but in many cases, the skin of older people becomes very thin, and does in effect, among whites at least, look somewhat yellow----

^^^Um, based on your "experiences(assumptions)" when did Egyptians become white? And where is your "source" for this "experience(ASSUMPTION)" of yours?

Sir, as stated above, the "assumption" that many or most of the great Egyptian dynasties were composed of people who looked no different than that of the surrounding peoples, like the Canaanites, Israelites, Arabs, Libyans, etc., is a common one. All I did was suggest that the colours you mentioned as being common to Egyptian art could suggest a "white" or Arabic / Semite look, and the passages of time upon like pigmented personages! Thus the "yellow" or juandiced look of older light skinned personages as opposed to darker skinned personages like the Negroid races!

But, I will go no further in this discussion which I feel you are attempting to turn into something that it is not, nor has ever been in my mind, and I resent your allegations!

So, again, "speak to the hand!"