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The following link does not agree with the first link. According to link number two the person with the sidelock (peyot) is a Libyan! Could Libyans be Hebrew?

Copy of some figures from the Seti I tomb by Minutoli in 1820.

From left: four Libyans, Nubian, Syrian, and Egyptian.

Egyptians ("Ret," or "men," often used as "ret na rom," meaning "we men above mankind");

Asiatics/Semites ("AAMW" or "Namu,": "travelers" or "wanderers," often used as "namu sho," or "people who travel the sands," meaning the nomads or Bedu/Bedouin);

Nubians ("Nahasu," or "strangers"); and, finally, Libyans, ("TMHHW", or Tamhu," a term for which several etymologies have been proposed).

In all but one case, the Egyptians and Nubians are depicted differently.


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