Re: "Tall Dark and Handsome" with "My Fair Lady"

-----First of all, I tend to put things together, perhaps differently than others? Since you asked me questions, just what is your source that states with certainty that; "young men and young women and the elders were dipicted with yellow to denote weakness/frail/delicate. Red was the color of evil associated with Set and sometimes Seketh." -----

^^^Any intermediate in Egyptian history would know this, but here are books you NEED to purchase.

"Egypt in Africa" by Theodore Celenko
"Egypt of the Pharoahs" by Sir Alan
"Chronicle of the Pharoahs" by Peter Clayton
"Oxford History of ancient Egypt" by Ian Shaw
"The Egyptians" by Robert Morkot
"Cultural Atlas of ancient Egypt" by Baines and Malek

----I have seen many reproductions of these Egyptian paintings and red seems to have been very common to depict a grown man, but perhaps I have only looked at Amarna depictions? And, in other regards, we really do not know what the pigments really looked like when new? After all colours tend to change over the course of 3,000 or more years, don't they?----

^^^^^^^Not really unless you WANT them to, but the color "red" that you are speaking of is "redish-brown" and that is the "brown" color that I mentioned to depict masculinity.

----So, based upon my experience I made the connections you questioned.----

^^^^And this is why I had to CORRECT you on your "experiences(assumptions)". I don't take C.O.D's by the way *j/k*

----"If your reasoning was even remotely true then how can you explain green and blue skin?"

Paint? Makeup? Special events? Or again, pigment changes?----

^^^^^This is why one must educate himself. This is almost laughable. But, no they do not denote any of your "assumptions" :)

Now, I have a question about YOUR statement here:

----Yellow skin, when a man or women becomes aged and ill, especially jaundiced, but in many cases, the skin of older people becomes very thin, and does in effect, among whites at least, look somewhat yellow----

^^^Um, based on your "experiences(assumptions)" when did Egyptians become white? And where is your "source" for this "experience(ASSUMPTION)" of yours?