The Trouble with Typecasting
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Brent, I think you have a basic grasp on the archetypes.

Technically, archetypal Jesus/Horus the Younger was the true son of Hathor and Horus the Elder, and only adopted by Isis. The problem is that between the time of the gods who "set the standard" there were many, many generations of dynastic history in which the basic pattern devolved into a tangled mess that was almost entirely useless for providing structure and stability to the royal family. It is a lot like our existing legal system based on case precedent. It is not so much the law that matters but thousands upon thousands of rulings. Lawyers deal more with former cases and can now argue effectively for almost any outcome based on legal precedent.

The royal family eventually saw the "wisdom" of abandoning the old system of precedent. With the new religion, Christianity, the burden of fulfilling all of the divine roles was lifted. The populous was instead burdened to pray for their God-ordained rulers and obey them regardless of how they behaved. Eventually God would sort out all the good from the bad and clean up the big mess in the world.

You are correct in that Geb was not the father of Horus the Younger. So why do we have a Herodian Geb (Reuben-Antipater) siring a Horus (Benjamin/Joshua-Aristobulus III) upon an Isis (Daughter of Joseph-Mariamne IV)? The precedent for this was in fact rather dubious. In the late 18th Dynasty, the prince designated as the "Benjamin" was sickly and died young. His role was given to over to the family "Reuben". It just so happened that the Ramesside line of kings descended from that particular prince, which thereafter upgraded the role of Reuben in terms of dynastic succession.

Also in the late 18th Dynasty, Akhenaten (Rehoboam) was the natural father of both Smenkhkare (Elijah) and Tutankhamun (Elisha). Antipater, upon being designated as successor to Herod the Great (Solomon), was looked upon as the new Rehoboam. He was evidently authorized by Herod the Great to produce the new Elijah (Herod/Philip II/"John the Baptist") and the new Elisha (Aristobulus III/"Jesus"). But then Herod had Antipater put to death for treason and elected Archelaus as successor. Archelaus then became the new Rehoboam and his sons naturally felt entitled to play the roles of Elijah and Elisha!

The typecasting that can be observed within the family of Herod is extremely elaborate. Herod was no slacker in researching family history and architecting his family after it. In some cases that typecasting was strained or even innovative, however no more so than in other periods. Variations on the original theme were allowed. But over time it led to the situation in which just about everything was justifiable, especially the murder of one's own family members in the pursuit of power.

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