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Hi Charles and all,

I posted on this topic briefly a few weeks back, regarding the limits of mitochondrial DNA in proving / disproving family relationships. My feeling is that although it may be the tomb of a wealthy Judaic family or even some minor royalty, the names and location are all wrong for it to be Jesus / and Mary Magdelene, or more contemporaneously, Aristobulus and Salome.

If it were really the family tomb it would more likely be in Galilee (Capernaum or Nazareth) and would likely include the names Aristobulus and Salome. As Salome / Mary Magdelene was said to have passed on and been buried near Provence, and the sons also eventually left the Holy Lands, interest in this find will likely diminish over time.

Still, some good PR for "Mary of the Tower."

Peace 2 all,