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Well, last year UCLA beat us 50-45 in a game where we shot the 3-ball terribly! If we had had an agerage night then we would have probably beaten them? As for having stars, well not famous ones, but you have to realize that we have only one senior, and he is the sixth man! Our rotation is 9-10 deep, thus we are able to keep fresh legs on the court all of the time.

Derrick Rose is our top recruit for next year, he was rated the #1 point guard in the nation, thus if he gets into school, he would join a team with three seniors, three juniors, and three sophmores who played this year, thus he would make the rotation a strong ten! Thus, we may be better next year than this and last?

That is why I mentioned that the possibility exists that we might win 100 games over a three year period!

So, don't mark us out yet! When we play good we can beat almost anybody, and if we play our best I think we can beat anybody, Florida included! So we will just have to wait and see if we can play hard against a really good Nevada team. Our plan will be to run them to death, keeping fresh legs going while they wear out! Cerainly the last 8 minutes of the game should be were it starts to tell? But, of course, "the best laid plans of mice and men, etc." comes into play.

But I will be there to watch and yell. Maybe you will see us on TV, I be the really good looking guy with grey hair in my Memphis Blue shirt! LOL

Going for win #32 and 24 straight! Go Tigers!!!

Good luck to your team also against S. Ill! Memphis and V. Tech used to have some great games when we were in the Metro! Heck, you had to make a wrong turn to get to Blacksburg, LOL!


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