"The Jesus Family Tomb"

Surprised nobody has posted on this one yet. Guess we are all a bit overwhelmed. I watched the entire two-hour Discovery Channel special (Mar. 4) and the following one-hour debate moderated by Ted Koepel. The originators of the show and accompanying book pretty much shot their credibilty with the laughable "Exodus Decoded" discussed previously here on this forum. Still, I think the claims made for the "Jesus Tomb" should at least be considered. The tomb is obviously that of an elite family, perhaps even royal, and royal families typically established multiple tomb/cenotaph sites. The possibility that the so-called James ossury came from this tomb is also intriguing. Unfortunately, if this ossury was reworked by the dealer to increase its value and interest, that complicates matters considerably. The related and on-going court case will be interesting to follow.

Most secular archeaologists seem to be dismissing this "find" about as quickly as evangelicals and with as much fervor. They are equally miffed that a "journalist with an agenda" would by-pass the "tried and true" academic process. If this tomb was that of Jesus, it may well be sealed for the last time!

Here's some links I collected.