Re:March Madness and Memphis!

I too am mad in March! And this year like last, I am pulling for my Memphis Tigers 31-3! Our record last year was 33-4, and only that because we shot the 3 ball so bad against UCLA, IE 3-17! But you live and die by the sword! What is really unusual, at least I think so, is the fact that we have a real chance to win 100 games in three years! That is, if we run the table this year, our record would be 35-3! That would make our two year record then 68-7! And we loose only one starter or senior this year! Thus 32 wins next year and we hit the magic 100 mark! Other possibilities exist also!

I do not think that any other team has ever won 100 games in three years?

Who is your favorite? I've shown you mine, now you show me yours? LOL

Ron (go Tigers, go!)

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Re:March Madness and Memphis!