Headless Horseman
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How would you compare the death of SequenenRe Tao II and that of Ishbaal son of Saul?

The sons of Rimmon the Beerothite, Rechab and Baanah, came into the house of Ishbaal/Eshbaal during the heat of the day, while he was taking his nap.

The portress of the house had dozed off while sifting wheat, and was asleep. So Rechab and his brother Baanah slipped past and entered the house while Ishbaal was lying asleep in his bedroom.

They struck and killed him, and "CUT OFF HIS HEAD". Then, taking the head, they traveled on the Arabah road all night long.

They brought the head of Ishbaal to David in Hebron and said to the king: "This is the head of Ishbaal, son of your enemy Saul, who sought your life. Thus has the LORD this day avenged my lord the king on Saul and his posterity."

The Hyksos-Assyrians had been the overlords (as the story goes) for 525 years.

Starting on the Egyptain side of the story, Chief Kamose and his relative/brother, Sequenen-Re Tao II (Djehutio/Thot-aa) started the active campaign against the Hyksos, but it was Ahmose who finally expelled then from Egypt. Ahmose even suggests that the liberation of Egypt was a mother and son effort. During this time there were actually two threats to the ascendancy of Egypt. The first was the Hyksos, who occupied lower Egypt and the Delta areas, as well as parts of Negeb. The second threat was the Nubians who were to the south of Egypt, but during this period, had moved north and encroached upon lands previously Egyptian, like Kush and Wawat, as far as the First Cataract.

During the reign of Sequenenre-Tao II, the Hyksos and the Kushites formed an alliance designed to crush Egypt from the north and the south simultaneously and divide the spoils among themselves.

At least two men attacked and killed Tao II while he was lying down, then removed his head.


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