Re: "Tall Dark and Handsome" with "My Fair Lady"

Brent and Charles, I would just like to add, that the skin tones mentioned may have some real relationships to race at least in this sense?

Yellow skin, when a man or women becomes aged and ill, especially jaundiced, but in many cases, the skin of older people becomes very thin, and does in effect, among whites at least, look somewhat yellow.

Then, upon death and shortly thereafter, the body turns pale or paler or white or whiter.

But, then, in the Egyptian world, the body is embalmed in natron salts, and the crude oils that bubble out of the Dead Sea that we call asphalts! A body so embalmed then turns black or at least dark reddish.! Which is probably exactly what a 30 or 60 day old mummy looked like.

But then the body was placed in its coffin,which was if we assume some degree of wealth or royalty, was then, just like Tut, covered with a Golden Mask, thus proving the transferance to godhood!

The red look may have even symbolized the reddish look of a newborn?