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Hey Charles.

I read some of those old posts.

I skimmed through a book years ago (forgot the title) that said that you can tell from all the painting/carving on the walls that, for most of their history anyway, the "Egyptians" were definitely NOT black Africans. When a black African is portrayed, it is definitely black. When the Egyptians are portrayed, they usually have a light brown or reddish tint to them. This author said that this was suntan. His reasoning was that when many (upper class??) women were portrayed, they did NOT have the brownish/redish skin, because they stayed indoors. The pics in the book seemed convincing. It made sense to me. He was not talking about the Nubian dynasty, of course.

What are your thoughts on this idea? Is this credible, or is their some flaw in the argument? I agree with you that it does not really matter. Who your ancestor was thousands of years ago cannot add to who you are today. In those posts you frequently talk about the "ruling families" etc. The way I put it is: "The root cause of all human problems is the LEADERS. The LEADERS are the problem."

By the way, did you ever hear about how many American Presidents, and/or wives of Presidents, can trace their family to European royalty (don't remember the numbers, but I think it is something like 80 or 90%)? Since so many people can trace their lines back to royalty, it's not as impressive as it sounds, and yet it is still impressive