Dating Birth of Jesus, plus Jesus Tomb *LINK*
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As Jesus is based on Aristobulus and Mary Magdelene is his wife Salome, we only have to look into their lives to get an idea of the birth dates. Though Charles has Jesus / Aristobulus being born circa 4BC or so, in my new book Roads From Bethlehem (not yet released, coming soon) I peg Ari's birth at 16ad and Sal's at 14ad. Almost all the events in the NT took place about twenty to thrity years later than stated, so it is logical that the births would also be later.

A note about the Jesus Tomb controversy: They state that as mitochondrial DNA indicates the two weren't related, the researchers take this to mean they are husband and wife, eg. Jesus and Mary Magdelene. This type of DNA only analyzes maternal lines, but in any case Ari/Jesus and Salome / Mary Magdelene were related, as they were both descendants of Herod the Great.