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Hi, I am new here and have read some of the online book aswell as some older forum posts. I have never thought of much of the insight of the connection to the Bible and Egypt and I must say it is very interesting. What I don't understand is how this site is saying ancient Egyptians are not from Africa or more importantly that they are Greeks or Persians especially concerning the pharoahs and the 18th dynasty. I have important information that I feel is needed for this misconception below.

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Population continuity or population change: Formation of the ancient Egyptian state

The origins of the ancient Egyptian state and its formation have received much attention through analysis of mortuary contexts, skeletal material, and trade. Genetic diversity was analyzed by studying craniometric variation within a series of six time-successive Egyptian populations in order to investigate the evidence for migration over the period of the development of social hierarchy and the Egyptian state. Craniometric variation, based upon 16 measurements, was assessed through principal components analysis, discriminant function analysis, and Mahalanobis D2 matrix computation. Spatial and temporal relationships were assessed by Mantel and Partial Mantel tests. The results indicate overall population continuity over the Predynastic and early Dynastic, and high levels of genetic heterogeneity, thereby suggesting that state formation occurred as a mainly indigenous process. Nevertheless, significant differences were found in morphology between both geographically-pooled and cemetery-specific temporal groups, indicating that some migration occurred along the Egyptian Nile Valley over the periods studied. Am J Phys Anthropol, 2007. 2007 Wiley-Liss, Inc.

This study was published online last week according to Wiley InterScience.

The author is Dr. Sonia R. Zakrzewski. As many people here may recall Dr. Zakrzewski was the British bioanthropologist who confirmed that the Ancient Egyptians had tropical body plans.

Based on the data she is now confirming that there was indeed continuity in Ancient Egypt from the predynastic through Dynastic period but that this changed from the end of that era approx. 525 bce to the present time.

She is also one of the anthropologist who called to task Howell's Ptolemaic Era E series remains as being 'non representative' or unlike ancient Egyptians.

This is an important confirmations to reference because the most widely reported attempts to associate Egypt with Europeans are based on Howell's E series....including some outdated work by Brace and others


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