Timing and the birth of the birth of Christ.

Given the poor resources of information available for the period of time prior to the birth of Christ back to the actual dawn of man you must give some allowances to time and its recorded inacuracies.
The recovered accounts of history tend to support the orbit of the planet Nibiru and the major developments of mankind. An attempt at calculating the exact orbital syncronization of this planet and the recorded history {vauge as it is} of that time period can only be accurate to within three hundred years.

I make the statement above to lay the groundwork for the questions that follow.

1. What was the star that led the biblical wise men from the east to

2. If the reputation of Mary is true. {I believe it is.}Who had the

ability to propagate the man that created a following that is to

this day, spreading his teachings?
3. Given the extended lifspans of the Niburians, the immortality

granted Enoch. Who were the three wise men?

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