"The Jesus Tomb"

Heads up to you all!

The 3-time Oscar-winning (Titanic Movie) film-maker, James Cameron and associates will hold a news conference on Monday (2/26/7) in New York City, to announce to the world the discovery of the family tomb of Jesus Christ.

Authors Simcha Jacobovici and Charles Pellegrino of “The Jesus Tomb” say scientists uncovered a burial chamber under an apartment building in 1980, inscribed with the names of the holy family.
Their book, The Jesus Tomb, claims three sets of bones were discovered which DNA tests proved were related and dated back to the times of the New Testament.
The bones were found among 10 other sets of remains, all of which were moved to the Rockefeller Archaeological museum outside Jerusalem.
But in a Da Vinci Code-style twist, while the other 10 sets of bones were catalogued, the holy remains were left outside in a courtyard and stolen before further tests could be carried out. The Jesus Tomb has attracted skepticism from many academics who say the remains are unlikely to be those of Jesus and his family.

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