Re: New Syrian ancient city found

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"New Archaeological Find Links Syria And Egypt

October 23, 2006 1:35 p.m. EST

Joseph S. Mayton - All Headline News Middle East Correspondent
Damascus, Syria (AHN) - An important archaeological dig in southern Syria found evidence of extensive trade between ancient Egypt and Syria during the middle and old Bronze Age. An excavation team at Tel al-Dibbeh in Sweida, southern Syria, discovered clay pots with hieroglyphs used for burying children.

Most of the items date to the middle to old Bronze Age and show a link between Egypt and Syria during this period, most obvious in the use of Egyptian hieroglyphs.

Tell al-Dibbeh kept watch over trade routes from the second millennium B.C. until the Nabatean and Ghassanid ages.

At the time, Tel al-Dibbeh was an administrative unit on equal footing with Bosra in the south. It is believed that the archaeologists are uncovering what is an ancient temple.

Excavation work will continue at the Salkhad citadel and other sites near the city of Sweida. Sweida is one of Syria's most notorious archaeological sites in the southern part of the country."