Doris, Dorus, Drusus, and Drusilla
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Good hunch Aggie-Ocher,

In myth, Doris, "bountiful", was the wife of Nereus and mother of the fifty Nereids.

Dorus (son of Hellen/Ham) can mean either "gift" or "spear". Both of these definitions imply an Osiris typecasting. The Persian Darius was an Osiris also(Azariah/Osorkon). I previously associated "Dorus son of Hellen" with Patriarch Shem, who was thought of as an Osiris of sorts. However, the root Dor/Tor would also relate well to the name Mizraim, "fortifications", derived from the Hebrew matsowr, "tower, strong". The Egyptian name Djoser (equally an Osiris figure) also has the elements d-r-s, although transposed. So, I might have botched the identification of Dorus son of Hellen!
(Note, I also mispelled Dorus as Doris!)

The Roman name Drusus is another matter. It's meaning of "strong" is uncertain and is speculated to derive from the name of a Celtic warrior.

Strength is also connoted in the Hebrew name Azariah/Uzziah (az/uz = strong). Of course strength is also associated with a tower or a bull (taurus).

I wasn't looking for a linguistic path between Drusus/Drusilla and Dorus/Doris. But there seems to be one. It was more than a simple transliteration between languages.