Re: The King is Dead, Long Live the King

Charles Pope wrote:

"After the literal death of Julius Caesar, Herod the Great may have staged the death of Caesar's Idumean alias Antipater in order to blame it on Malichus/Marcus Antony (Chapter 11). As we now realize, Herod sold out his former patron (and probable father) Antony to make a new deal with Antigonus/Octavius (Augustus)."

One of "Time Markers" I see in the Gospels is the "Old Man by the Pool", seen in GJohn 5:

GJohn 5: 1 - 9:

"1. Afterwards there followed a feast of the Jews, and Jesus went up to
2. There was in Jerusalem a place of baptism, that is called in Hebrew
"House of Harvest," which was [supported] by five columns.
3. And by these [columns] they used to throw down many people, with
fowl [illnesses,] the blind, the crippled and the withered; and they
[eagerly awaited] the movement of the water.

4. [[Addition]]

5. There was a man there, one who for thirty-eight years had been
[struck] with a foul illness.
6. Jesus saw him [down by the column,] and he knew he had a long
[illness,] and he said to him, "You anticipate [getting well?]"
7. The sick [man] replied and said, "Yes, my Lord. [But] I do not have
anybody, that when the water is stirred up, who will throw me into the
[pool of] baptism. Except that before I can [go down into the water,]
somebody else goes down before me."
8. Jesus told him, "Get up, take your [straw] mat and get going!"
9. And in that very hour the man was restored, and he got up, took his
mat and got going. And that was [on] a Sabbath.

I see this as one of the stories written in 8 CE in anticipation of the return Passover in 9 CE. The signature on the story is the return of the Hasmonaean Priesthood, the return of a hereditary High Priest of "greater piety and purity" as Josephus words it in his descriptions of the Temple Atrocity of 4 BCE (Nicholas of Damascus' descriptions, actually).

The Old Man has been ill for 38 years.

Count back 38 years and you find the Battle of Actium! This is the time Herod is consolidating power (He is held out of the Battle of Actium by a general of Cleopatra). Herod is now beginning his purge of the Hasmonaeans. He will make the High Priesthood appointive and control is shifting with certainty to Herod.

Anyway, here is another marker to a possible "real" history.


PS: There is another puzzle here for me, Charles. Maybe you can fix it up. Nicholas of Damascus prepared a phony genealogy for Herod (Either of the genealogical lists in Matthew or Luke?) and Herod could have used it to become the HP himself. He refuses. Why?

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