Trajan-us Rex
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Interesting word study Akron VII.

How about a connection between Trajan and Trojan? The Romans considered themselves the product of "Troy".

I think the littany of names might be at least partially explained as a collection of titles/clan leaderships. Consider this quote from Tom Holland's Rubicon (p 283):

"The death of young Publius Crassus at Carrhae had left his wife Cornelia a widow. Beautiful and cultvated, she also happened to be exquisitely well connected. The pedigree of her father, Quintus Caecilius Metellus Pius Scipio Nascia, was sonorously reflected in the roll-call of his names. The fact that Metellus Scipio himself was a vicious nonentity, preeminent at nothing save the staging of pornographic floor shows, mattered not the slightes. What did matter was the fact that he was the head of the Metelli, closely related to any number of impressive patricians, and descended from the same Scipios who had defeated Hannibal and captured Carthage."