Roman Agrippa vs. Herodian Agrippa
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Eisenman notes that the Talmudic name of Agrippa II was Yannai (John/Jannaeus). We should expect that Agrippa I also had a Hebrew name and typecasting.

The second Agrippa was born about 27 BC, so wouldn't have had any role in the Gospel accounts, unless he was the son of the "Royal" that was healed. I agree that there could be a parallel in the time of "Messiah Titus", perhaps as you suggest, when Agrippa II was king in Jerusalem.

The Agrippa that I am researching at the moment is Herod the Great's ally by that name, who also appears to be one and the same as his older brother Phasael (see previous post on this). I'm particularly interested in the descendants of the Roman Agrippa and how they factored into succession within the so-called Julio-Claudian dynasty. I'm also interested in determining whether the Roman Agrippina (the Elder) remarried the Herodian Agrippa I after the death of Germanicus, and whether one or more of the children credited to Herodian Agrippa were actually those of Germanicus.

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