Octavius and Tigranes
In Response To: Catalus and Octavius ()

I've been reading a few Roman histories. The association between Antigonus II and Octavius II (Augustus) is looking better and better. It is also evident that the elder Octavius was one and the same as Tigranes I of Armenia. His son Tigranes II associates well with Octavius II (Augustus). However, another "son" of Tigranes, the Hellenistic Artavasdes/Artavazd, usurped the Armenian throne. In this respect, the Armenian genealogy matches the Hasmonean genealogy in which Aristobulus II is considered the father of both Antigonus II and Alexander II, but in fact was only the true father of Antigonus.

However, I'm still not certain whether to further associate the elder Octavius with Catulus of Rome and Mithridates VI. Perhaps after more study.