Old Institutions Die Hard

My review of Ahmed's book on Christianity is here:

Note that this book no longer called "Out of Egypt". It has been reprinted under a new title. There is more detailed information about Tut as "Osiris" and precursor of Jesus in his book "House of the Messiah". It is also presently published under a new title. You should be able to find summaries on this forum using the search feature, e.g., using "Tut" and "Jesus" and "Messiah" as keywords.

Ahmed concentrated on the Egyptian 18th Dynasty and the Amarna Period in particular. He then extrapolated to the Christian Era. What I've done is fill in that long gap by showing a continuous royal culture not only from the Amarna Period until Christian times, but preceding the Amarna Period as well. There is amazing continuity in religious thinking, because it was in the best interest of the ruling family to preserve traditional forms based on the ancient pantheon. The Serapis and Christianity might seem very different on the surface, but both derived from the same raw material. These highly syncretized cults can be disected revealing various contributions from the cults of individual gods and goddesses.

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