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Charles, as you have very well seen by my postings, I may love names and word meanings more than you? But, that is another discussion for another day!

You wrote;

"I was reading the new book "Augustus" by Everitt tonight. He says the name Agrippa connotes "feet first" as in a breached birth. A good ancient name had no precise meaning but any number of connotations and in any number of different languages."

I was surprised that you wrote the above and did not mention the strange association that should have struck you in the heart like an arrow! If the Great nephew of Julius was also a breached birth, then he was surely following in his great uncle's foot steps, so to speak! LOL Since Julius may have also been a product of the same type of breach, as he was/is reported to have been "cut from his mother's womb!" IE, save the baby and kill the mother!

Of course, being born at all in that "manger", had to be a problem? LOL