Catalus and Octavius

I found a little more information in Anthony Everitt's new book 'Augustus' (2006).

Octavius father of Octavius (future Augustus) was first married to a woman named Ancharia, which sounds very Egyptian. By her he had a daughter Octavia. In 70 BC the elder Octavius won his first Roman high office (questor), which came with it the status of a senator. He promptly married into the family of Julius Caesar and had another daughter named Octavia. In 63 BC his son Octavius was born. In 61 BC, at the age of only 40 he won the office of praetor. By 58 BC he was ready to run for the highest office in Rome, that of consul. However, he became ill and died while apparently seeking treatment in the resort area around Vesuvius/Pompei.

Although the elder Octavius died in the same year as Catalus, he comes off as a man on the make. His description is more along the lines of what we would expect as a Roman identity of Aristobulus II. Catalus, on the other hand, seems to have been an old man with a long and illustrious career when he died in 58 BC. But possibly more digging will reveal otherwise. We'll see.