Herod the Old Claudian

As noted previously, both Herod the Great and Iullus Antonius (son of Mark Antony and Fulvia) died in 2 BC.

Herod the Great is thought to have been born as early as 73 BC. That seems a bit too early to me. Regardless, Herod would have certainly been born while Fulvia was still married to the infamous Publius Clodius, younger brother of the "Godfather" Appius Claudius Pulcher.

That is not to say that Mark Antony could not have been the father of Iullus Antonius. He was known to have been cavorting with her (and so many others) by 58 BC, about five years before the death of her husband Clodius. Nevertheless, it raises the suspicion that Herod the Great/Iullus Antonius was actually the son of the rabble-rousing Claudian Publius Clodius and only adopted by Mark Antony after the death of Clodius and Antony's marriage to Fulvia.

Also, is it reasonable that both Caesar Augustus and Tiberius Caesar lived to be almost 80 years old? I would suspect that the chronology of the period is inflated by about ten years.