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Yuya, wrote;

"Regarding Octavius being a harmonic sista; On that theme, as Sextus was wont to say, "Any old Orpheus will do ...""

Funny that you would mention him. From Wikipedia; He is credited with receiving or creating the lyre, he out played and out sang the sirens when he was with Hurcules and Jason, he was known as the father of songs and he had contact with the lesbians of Lesbos! He was also reputed to be a priest of Dionyisus which puts in league with Baccus, et al.

Wiki states; "Several etymologies for the name Orpheus have been proposed. A probable suggestion is that it is derived from a hypothetical PIE verb *orbhao-, "to be deprived", from PIE *orbh-, "to put asunder, separate". Cognates would include Greek orphe, "darkness", and Greek orphanos, "fatherless, orphan", from which comes English "orphan" by way of Latin. Orpheus would therefore be semantically close to goao, "to lament, sing wildly, cast a spell", uniting his seemingly disparate roles as disappointed lover, transgressive musician and mystery-priest into a single lexical whole. The word "orphic" is defined as mystic, fascinating and entrancing, and, probably, because of the oracle of Orpheus, "orphic" can also signify "oracular"."

Oracular as opposed to Ocular, thus Oracular or Oracle = seer and Ocular = to see IE a "see-er"! See and Seer! How strange they are so similar?

And, is it a co-incidence or merely an Accident that the Occident is the West and Orient is the East? Or that a "Ocarina" is a musical instrument or that Occult and Seer, are somewhat related?

But we also need to look at "octave", "octavo" and "Octet!"

And recognize that Oral is related to Oracle! Or oral and orchestra?

Just a little fun with words!

Peace to you also,

Aga-the eighth octave-Ron