Re: The Eighth as the end of an era?

Yes, our long haired beauties! You wrote;

"It could be said that Antony as David loved his "son" Absalom/Cleopatra, but in the end Octavius heeded good counsel and Antony rejected it."

Thus, snared by their own hair!

But, Cleo-Patra, by it's very look, tends to state that who/whom ever this character was is described as "Clinging to the Patre/Pater/Patra/Father/Rock/Stone, etc.

"After Antony's death, Octavius and Herod became twin Solomons." Why?

Is it not interesting that the greatest and easiest way to mine salt, during those days was from the Dead Sea area? And, just where do we find the great fortresses of the time of Herod? Why, at Masada, and other places where he / she built great fortresses, IE Resorts?, in the wilderness!

What do we really think that Solomon and namesakes were hiring "foreigner" mercinaries as body guards (Soloman, of the Bible seems quite famous for them) to defende defend themselves if they were popular rulers?

NO, mercs, were hired by those who did not trust their own people, or who were not of the regular or local people to begin with?

How about Henri/Henry/H'Enri the Eighth?

Aga-re-the eighth-I am, I am! LOL

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