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Charles, you wrote;

"Herod the Great (Iullus) son of Ptolemy XII and Alexander (J.Caesar) son of Ptolemy X were from different collateral lines within the family of the Ptolemies."

I do not understand why you did it or do it, but isn't it obvious to most of us that "Iullus" and "Julius" are the same?

For more please do a search for Julius Caesar Scaliger?

"Julius Caesar Scaliger was the father of Josephus Justus Scaliger (1540-1609), who maintained a vast correspondence with European humanists and scholars, whose names are listed here."

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Then look up Josephus Justus Scaliger?

Then Petavius? I can recommend this;

Other links are available for those who wish to persue this link!

Aga M. Ron

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