Splitting Ptolemaic Heirs


We're now thinking that Hasmonean is roughly equivalent to Ptolemaic, or at least a major part of the extended Ptolemaic family.

Herod the Great (Iullus) son of Ptolemy XII and Alexander (J.Caesar) son of Ptolemy X were from different collateral lines within the family of the Ptolemies. It is not certain exactly where and when those two lines split off, but it was enough of a separation that Herod was not readily accepted as king in Israel. However, I don't think the separation was so great that Herod could not claim to be a Hasmonean, that is, not a descendant of Ptolemy III "the Do-Gooder". For that to be the case, the line of Antony would have had to diverge before Ptolemy III. It is still possible I suppose.

In the above two genealogies, Ptolemy X is shown as son of Ptolemy VIII, and Ptolemy XII is shown as son of Ptolemy IX. Both of those relationships now seem unlikely.

-Chuck-a-boom, Chuck-a-boom-boom-boom