Daughter of Antigonus
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I don't recall if Josephus gave her a name. If it's known from some other source that would be useful.

Anyway, it seems that Antigonus could not have been the father of Octavius/Augustus, because his father died in the 50's BC when Octavius was still very young. We would have to propose that Octavius either divorced from Atia or that some other prince/king sired the future Emperor on Atia as a "firstborn" or on behalf of the legal father. Not impossible, but without anecdotal material we can't have any confidence. Probably better to look for another Hasmonean that died in the 50's BC.

It is odd though that Octavius had two sisters named Octavia. One was by his own mother and the other from his step-father's previous marriage. But why would the half-sister also be called Octavia, rather than Marcia after her father Lucius Marcius Phillipus?

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