Hail Hillel (and Shammai)!

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Thanks, and yes this begs for a whole new series of associations.

I can't say for sure who Hillel and Shammai were without a lot more study, but certainly we would expect to find them among the Julio-Claudian-Herodian family. Shammai was an epithet of Moses, so perhaps Archelaus doubled as a "man of the Law". Antipater, eldest son of Herod, also coveted the role of Moses/Rehoboam. Hillel, supposedly an ancestor of Gamaliel might be Drusus brother of Tiberius Caesar, or Tiberius himself. Since Hillel was believed to have lived 120 years, we might expect him to be something of a composite like the three-generational Greek Nestor. Definitely the great orator and lawyer Cicero was an earlier Roman figure of this type.

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