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Just in case you want to know what Porphyry looked liked, from the words of Marcus, translated;

"And straightway when he beheld me the thrice blessed man embraced me with joy and tears (for joy also can cause tears to flow); but I knew him not; for his body was very strong and his countenance ruddy And I turned my eyes about looking often upon him; but he, seeing it, smiled pleasantly and said:


pieces of gold. The ordinary nomisma or solilus of the time, weighing 4.55 grammes, being 1/72 of the Roman pound. Three thousand of these would be equivalent in weight to over £1,700 sterling; and 1,400 to about £800.

Marvel not, brother Mark, seeing me whole and strong, but learn the cause of my being healed and then marvel exceedingly at the unspeakable loving≠kindness of Christ, how the things whereof men have despaired are by him made straight ' And I besought him to tell me the cause of his being healed and how he had cast out such a disease And he answered me ' About forty days ago when I was keeping the vigil of the holy day of the Lord, an unspeakable pain of the liver gat hold upon me, and being T8 unable to endure the anguish I vent and lay down near the sacred Skull, and by reason of the great pain I fell as it were into a trance. And I see the Saviour nailed upon the Cross and one of the thieves with him hanging upon another cross, and I begin to cry out and speak the words of the thief 1 " Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom " [Luke 23: 42] And the Saviour answereth and saith to the thief that is hanging " Go down from the cross and save him that is lying there, even as thou wast saved " And the thief came down from the cross and took me in his arms and kissed me, and stretching forth his right hand raised me up, saying, " Come to the Saviour " And straightway I rose up and ran to him, and I see him coming down from the Cross and saying to me, " Take this wood and keep it " And I took the same precious wood and lifted it up, and straightway I came to myself out of my trance, and from that same hour there was no more pain in me, neither is the place of the disease manifest. '"