..can't remember which metal it was
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one of ron's posts mentioned 'metal.' That made me recall a THEORY taht was widely-discussed in 70's... perhaps 60's. All forum--members sauve moi are too young to recall those decades. It was about a metal causing the 'fall' of roman empire {i can't remember which metal it was... i'll call it 'abc.' Actually, maybe it was a NON--metalic substance. Someone will be canny enough to scope out the material i'm referring to}

in any event, one toff wrote a book that ALLEGED that one of the MAIN factors behind the fall of the empire was the inability of 'sound' romans to reproduce... while the hoi polloi reproduced like particularly lecherous rabbits. One of the preceeding e-mails was about the 'barren baron.' The auther averred that the abc substance was the 'cause' of this siutation. He believed that most of the more expensive sort of pottery used in the dcity of rome {and in imperial cities around the mediterranean} was lined with abc. Author said that abc 'poisoned' elite romans {and the non-roman elite within the empire]. One of the side-effects of this poisoning was sterility and infertility. The poor of the cities could not afford these sorts of wine jugs and platters, so they were not being 'poisoned' by abc --- or at least they had very little exposure to abc substance

I THINK THE writer also felt taht abc 'poisoning' also caused disturbed emotional health which would PARTIALLY account for the loopiness of various emperors and their amigos.

Yes, i'm still CERTAIN that we are dealing with the effects of genetic illness porphyria... yet the abc--substance script could very well INTER-TWINE with porphyria among julio--claudians --- i.e., if this senorita were suffering from the various effects of porphyria, my physical state and cognitive state and emotional state would be severely exacerbated by abc 'poisoning.'

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Thats because it was lead!