porphyria perplexity

i am far from being expert on these two chaps, caligula and nero, yet in the little reading i've done on the two, i'm struck by some comments made by biographers. It appears taht BOTH palookas were considered relatively 'normal' {the julio-claudians would probably have a unique definition of 'normal'} until they reached late teens.

then EACH, in late teens, suffered physical problems {'fever' is written of by biographers} ; after these BODILY illnesses, EACH then started to display whacko behavior. My antennae went up because this sounded like scenario experienced by those with disease porphyria. One is familiar with porphyria as POSSIBLE affliction suffered by british stuarts and hanoverians... with 'madness' of george iii PUTATIVELY ascribed to porphyria. Obviously, diagnosing dead human beings is not an exact science.

Gives a riveting spin to 'born to the purple'..... doesn't language-land tell us word 'porphyria' overlaps with 'purple' ? A scientist should check all this out before running with it, but isn't porphyria a genetic disorder... spread via inheritance ... as would be the case in endogamous marriage paradigm of julio--claudians and stuarts--hanoverians ? btw, pattern with george III was the same as with caligula and nero. RELATIVELY normal ... followed by period of PHYSICAL illness.... eventually ending in the highly weird behavior exhibited by all these men.

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