Caesar and Antony as Ptolemies

I'm doing my usual thing of going out and raiding new and used bookstores for more background on the Julio-Claudian dynasty and contemporary dynasty of the Ptolemies.

The most popular genealogy of the Caesar's used in books is that of Miriam Griffin, as found in "Nero: the End of a Dynasty", but I don't see it posted on-line anywhere. There are variations, especially with respect to the children of Octavia. For now we'll have to use the following for discussion:

At the moment, if I had to guess, I would say that Caesar was one and the same as Ptolemy of Cyprus, and that Antony was actually one and the same as Ptolemy XII ("Neos Dionysos"). After being chased out of Egypt once (then taking up residence in Rome), and expecting to be ousted a second time, Ptolemy XII seems to have feigned his death and turned direct rule over to his two sons and two daughters. The date of Ptolemy XII's death is not known, and it seems to have only been a rumor, at least at first. Cleopatra ("lover of father") was then probably one his daughters (true or adopted) called "Antonia".

The death of Antipater "father" of Herod the Great in 43 BC seems suspiciously close to the death of Caesar in 44 BC.

It also seems apparent that the Roman name of Herod the Great's first wife Doris was Drus-illa (as in Livia Drusilla).

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