Mark Antony Against Parthia

I bought a new book called "Mark Antony's Heros", fourth in a series by Stephen Dando-Collins. Part of the book is a study of Mark Antony's dealings with Parthia.

In his first war with Parthians, Mark Antony defeated the Parthian forces of Orodes and the crown prince Pacorus, who had occupied Syria and Judea. In the process, Herod was established by Antony as King in Judea. Next, Antony led his legions through Armenia into Media. As a result, a new king of Parthia named Phraates was firmly established and Antony claimed that he had become master of Parthia! Antony later pretended to invade Parthia again, but it only turned out to be a ruse in order to capture the king of Armenia and claim dominion over that region as well.