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Charles you wrote;

"Asamoneus = Arsaces (Moneaces) = Ptolemy III (Euergetes)"

As you know, I propose that "Asamoneus", or just plain "Asa" (Hasa?) or "Asmon", are directly related to "Hasmon" or "H" (silent, as in French), + Asmon (Asman), and thus the same as Hasmoneans! And may well be related to the word "Hash", as in "hashish!", and thus to
"H"As(s)asins (assasins!),and possibly a link to the Druze?

And, as you probably still remember I also proposed its connection to the Maccadonians (Makkadonians), and thus a connection to Mecca (Makka!)

Of course, to make these connections a lot of compression has to take place! LOL


Number Eight son!