broaching buxom, bossomy bumptious berenice

i'm shivering in anticipation for the moment when mr pope will uncover the multiple identities of herod lady berenice, daughter of agrippa I. Sister of agrippa II.

What indeed do we do with this doxy ? She certainly filled in her years with amorous activities --- enough for two dozen ptolemies. Three spouses. And she didn't live into vast old age. The scandalous incestuous liaison with her brother agrippa II. Barbara theiring has the two as twins, but no one else agrees.

Then, berenice caps off career as 'fiance' of emperor titus. The bloke seemed serious about wedding her, but sources declare romans wsere not enthusiastic re an empress from the east. Doesn't that detract from 'everybody was a ptolemy' thesis ??

titus then dies under 'mysterious circumstances'... some say he ate poisoned fish. If novelist graves hadn't OVER--DONE the poisoning scenario, one might suggest that berenice's henchmen did the trick....'you can't jilt a nice herod girl and expect to enjoy your fish and chips for the next 40 years.'

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