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During the Patriots-Colts game I was looking through some of my books on the Roman Empire and found that Mark Antony did have one legitimate son (by Fulvia) who was named Iullus Antonius. He died in 2 BC. Who else do we know that died in that year. Well, what'd ya know, it's Herod the Great! This solves the mystery of who his mother was and why he had the edge over his "bastard" brothers.

Fulvia and Antony also are said to have had two daughters, Antonia I and Antonia II. Caligula and Claudius were descendants of Antonia I. Probably Antonia I and/or II was the sister of Herod the Great called Salome. Probably there is also a connection between "Costabar" husband of Salome and the Roman "Ahenobarbus" who married Antonia I.

The plot thickens.

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