Heliopolis Oniads
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Josephus places the temple built by Onias at Heliopolis (War, Book VII, Chapter X). There was discussion of this temple in a couple of posts. I know there is a lot of material on the web site. Sometimes you can find what you are looking for by using the forum search utility or by doing a google search of the desired item paired with "domainofman".

Line of Onias:

Closing of Onias' temple by Paulinus/Paul:

The line of Boethus turns out to be that of Mark Antony. In fact, I think we can now safely say that "Simon son of Boethus" was a Hebrew priestly alias of Herod the Great himself.

It is Mary (Magdalene/Salome) that was "sister" to Lazarus and Martha. Mariamne II would have been dead by ~30 AD. Eisenman devotes much attention to the marriage of Jesus ben Gamala and Martha daughter of Boethus (Mary Magdalene). I touch on it in my review: