Antony and Cytheris

It looks like P. Volumnius Eutrapelus ("Witty") cannot have been an alias of Julius Caesar. Volumnius is attested in 43 BC, which is after Caesar's death. To refresh your memory, Volumnius was the first paramour of Lycoris, a.k.a. Volumnia/Cytheris. Antony was the second. Gallus, who was appointed by Octavius/Augustus as governor of Egypt after Antony's death, was the third. He was so enamored by her that he was inspired to write four books of love poetry addressed to her. But she dumped him anyway!

Apparently this Cytheris outlived Cleopatra VII, so we should be looking for a possible association of her with Glaphyra of Cappadocia instead of Cleopatra VII. Her continued favor in the reign of Augustus would also bode well for any sons she may have had by Antony. Interestingly, Cytheris/Lycoris is referred to as a "meretrix", a "shameless Mary" if you will. This term could be applied to a common prostitute, but in her case alluded to the sexual liberties of the goddess Aphrodite/Venus.

Recall also that Thea Muse Ourania (Cleopatra Selene/Mariamne II), upon her royal marriage to Phraates IV (Herod the Great/Obodes) was also referred to as a "common prostitute".