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i'm surprised mr pope, with his interest in egypt, never mentions the jewish temple {closed 66 ad} at egypt's leontopolis, temple built by the high-priestly oniad family

it was joshua ben gamala who wed martha of the oniads, sister of mariamme II, Mariamme II who had BOTH a sibling named martha and a sibling named lazarus--eleazer, the fellow who was also high priest. Interesting side-bar ... it was CLAIMED that EXTREMELY wealthy martha bribed her husband's way into office of high--priest... as high priests were to wed only virgins and martha was a widow. Wealthy martha as sister of 'magdalen' who could afford expensive anointing oil.

the oniad temple at leontopolis was seen as a 'tower'--like edifice... would this be in keeping with the 'tower' imagery we think of in regard to miriam magdalen ? 'kohen gadol' for 'high priest' makes me think of 'magdalen.' A sort of jerusalem street--slang for 'oh, yeah, that 'tower' tootsie mariamme II [miriam magdalen ???? ] who belongs to the oniad family who built the 'tower' temple in egypt'

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