second mariamme

..julie..for months, it's seemed to me that herod the great's wife, mariamme II { not to be confused with hasmonean mariamme I } MIGHT be the woman we think of us miriam magdalen. Mariamme II, of the oniad-boethian line of high priests, had a brother named eleazer/lazarus, a high--priest, and a sister named martha, wife of another high--priest.

However, the dates would APPEAR to be out of kilter. It would seem mariamma would have to have been born ca. 35 bc ... or even earlier.
Don't think there's an 'official' date for birth of mariamme II.

it looks as though no one knows what became of mariamme II after divorce from herod the great. I e-mailed xxx who wrote a book about the herod family. The dolt responded with an extremely snotty post. The bottom line is that he, nor anyone else, has any substantial knowledge about this lady's ultimate fate.