Obed, Shiloh, Solomon, Lemuel, Agur, and on and on
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Well put Eg'n-on! It seems that Roman elite were at least as fond of assuming multiple names and identities as Herodians.

Julie, the name Obodes is related to the Hebrew name Obed, and an epithet belonging to the "wise Noah/Adapa" archetype. The later figure Solomon was of this same type also. That is, he was the Noah of his generation.

In addition to being Jacob-Re, Herod the Great also became a Noah/Solomon/Obed by rebuilding Solomon's temple.

During the Egyptian 18th Dynasty the Jacob and Solomon types became partially merged. (Please refer to the on-line book for substantiation of this. Chapter 9 is a summary of that particular association.) This set a precedent for Herod the Great and allowed him to claim both roles.