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Thanks Charles,
That's the only other place I'd seen it, and Eisenman failed to footnote it. That leaves only Epiphanius as a source (According to Epiphanius, Origen wrote (c. 248 CE) that Pantheras was the patronymic of Joseph the husband of Mary on account of his father, Jacob, being called Panther. An alternative claim was made in the Teaching of Jacob (634 CE) where Panther is said to be the grandfather of Mary.")

So given what we know now, I see why you applied it to Herod.

For those who are wondering why this may be significant, please have a look here:

Thanks also for that Osman snippet. That also makes alot of sense and ties in perfectly with what we know about that rascally Idumean!

Regarding Socrates, I am pursuing a parallel path. Within the patterning of the Gospel Jesus, I detect shadows of the forms of both Socrates and Julius Caesar, at least in the dramatic devices, antagonisms, and pacing of their "gospels". I don't mean fluffy stuff, but actual parallelisms that were designed to make the jesus character more palatable and heroic to certain groups. Although Mithra does not have an historical character per ce, It is worth noting that the name Mithradates meant "wonderful counsellor", and his titles included "king of kings", "son of god", etc. It is from this "trinity" of messianic archetypes that the Gospel writers dipped their ink.

Your recent posts have been absolutely fascinating. I don't want to jinx it, but your recent observations about the Herodian Identities of gospel personages has just about wrapped it for me intellectually. Bravo. It really seems as if years of your work and patience has led to this moment of aporia.

Keep it up. Hopefully my copy of NTC will arrive soon.