Naughty Daughter of Aretes
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Thought about this more last night and this morning. It looks like the real thing.

Mark Antony died in 30 BC, same year as Malchus' reign ends at Petra.

Accam's Razor strikes again! By the time of his death, Antony/Antipater had already established his dynasty in the East.

Antipater father of Antipater could be Ptolemy of Cyprus but more likely represents Julius Caesar (or both). Julius Caesar may also be one and the same as "Volumnius Eutrapelus", the first lover of Cythris/Volumnia.

It still remains to be seen whether Cleopatra VII = Glaphyra = Cythris = Cypros

Herod and his three brothers are all considered the sons of Cypros by Josephus, but Cypros could be a generic epithet applying to two or more of the above mistresses of Antony. Possibly he only had the one mistress, Cleopatra, later declared his legal wife (after divorce of Antonia).

Phasael the "elder brother" of Herod probably corresponds to Alexander Helios. Although actually younger than Herod, he may have been the senior in rank. This also indicates that there may have been more than one "mistress" of Antony involved. Pheroras would correspond to Ptolemy Philadelphos and Joseph to Archelaus.