chuck and babs

was wondering, mr. pope, how you feel about books of barbara theiring. At times, your paragraphs remind me of her work - - - most definitely when you make liberal use of alter egos {as in 'fred was the same dude as hal and morris' } - - - though you and dr. theiring reach different conclusions.

How do i rate theiring's volumes ? Certainly she deserves an A-plus for creativity. It's downright breath-taking the amount of territory she covers, covers in a unique and innovative manner. Yet, after i close one of her books, i'm left feeling rather 'up in the air' - - - as if I had been presented with a startling new mathematical formual but i did not possess the mathmematical skills to be able to assess the formula. Thus, my reaction is 'That was downright startling - - producing frissons of the intellect. Can this formula POSSIBLY hold water'?

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