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Hi Tim,

How's the research into Socrates?

I got the idea for the association of Pantera with Herod the Great from a snippet in Eisenman's 'James the Brother of Jesus' (p 780):

"Epiphanius ... calls both of these [Simeon and Clopas] 'the sons of Jacob called Panther', a story, curiously enough, that has also survived in a scurrilous Rabbinic tradition - Epiphanius' possible source - where Jesus is also called 'Jesus ben Panthera'."

Because Herod the Great assumed the role of "Jacob" his descendants were then "sons of Jacob". This is also bolstered by Ahmed Osman's interpretation of the name Pantera/Pandira. In 'House of the Messiah' he concluded that Pandira was a transliteration of the Egyptian Pa-ntr-Ra, "the god Ra".

And of course Ra is the mythological equivalent of Jacob.

Pantera might also, at least in the case of Jesus, be a play on the name Antipater, who was his immediate father, Herod being his grandfather.

-Been Jammin

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