naughty john hyrcanus
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as always, charles, your feed--back gives me much to ponder. In any event, i did find ONE site {and only one... perhaps one too many ? ? ? ? } that ALLEGED that herod was born after hasmonean john hyrcanus 'raped' an edomite woman.... and thus, 'herod' was born.

I'm dubious for many reasons. Site doesn't say if we're looking at kypros, mater of herod the great. But i suppose the url refers to kypros. OR perhaps the writer is saying that an un-named edomite woman was violated, baby we know as 'herod the great' was born, then baby was adopted by kypros and antipater.

One supposes that john had his way with a number of edomite females. One supposes that a number of illegitimate edomite progeny became foundlings. One supposes that more than a few edomite blokes had 'sons' who were not their 'sons.' Yet, that doesn't NECESSARILY equate to 'john hyrcanus was father of herod the great.'

Yet, i'm always convined that GOSSIP usually has some basis in fact. Here, i think we're being 'told' that hasmoneans and herods DID indeed have blood ties - - - PROBABLY, though, LONG before era of kypros and john hyrcanus.